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The Coniston Sofas Collection

Olsson in Toucan.jpg

The Coniston sofa is a versatile addition to any home with its elegant design and many colour options. Choose from a wide range of Aquaclean and premium fabrics for ultimate comfort. Our sofas are proudly made in the UK using only the finest materials, ensuring they meet environmental standards. Rest assured, each component has been rigorously tested for quality and durability. The frames are crafted with hardwood, plywood, and high-density board, and are reinforced with screws and glue for stability. Enjoy your new sofa, made in Britain and typically

delivered within 8-10 weeks.

Coniston 3 Seater

Olsson 3Str-r.jpg

H93cm W227cm D98cm

Coniston Cuddle Sofa 

Olsson Chair-r.jpg

H93 cm W137 cm D98 cm

Coniston 2 Seater

Olsson 2Str-r.jpg

H93cm W178cm D98cm

Coniston Chair

Olsson Chair-r.jpg

H93 cm W107 cm D98 cm

Olsson Swivel angle-r.jpg

Coniston Designer Swivel Chair



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